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Club Diary

Now here is our new starting time 8.15pm  

6th Jun
Band: Musicmakers
Caller:Stewart Webster
Guestspot: Harewood
13th Jun
Band: Rat on a Stick
Caller: Sibby
sibby link   sibby link
Rat on a Stick
20th Jun
Band: Metric Foot
Caller: Sarah Graves
metric foot link  sarah graves link
Metric Foot
27th Jun
Band: Usual Suspects
Caller: Alexandra Parker

4th Jul
Band: Bits 'n' Pieces
Callers: The Two Js
Bits 'n' Pieces
11th Jul
Band: Famous Potatoes
Caller: Keith Baxter
potatoes link   youtube link    facebook link
Famous Potatoes
Tonight's club night is
18th Jul
Band: The Tonic
Caller: Frances Coombs
grand linkTonic
25th Jul
Band: Musicmakers
musicmakers link   sibby link    sibby link Musicmakers


Closed for our Summer break until 29th August
29th Aug
Band: Musicmakers
Caller:Stewart Webster
musicmakers link   Musicmakers
Any last minute change to our programme should show on our Facebok page   
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